Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Wednesday Writing: A Slightly Scary Secret Project

So I have a lot of deadlines. But between them I have been squeezing in a secret writing project (not that secret, really, just something I'm keeping a bit under wraps...!) that I'm excited about because it's the kind of book I really, really like writing--similar in theme and vein to This Fragile Life and When He Fell, if you've read either of those. It's psychological and a bit dark but with a hopeful ending--I hope! I don't have a publisher yet, but I am hoping to find one soon. I've written nearly a third of the book so far. Here is the first paragraph:

The first time I see Jamie I think he is a thug. A threat, which is both sad and strangely laughable, considering what I later became to him. But in that first glimpse of his lowered head and drawn up knees, I prickle and tense instinctively, as if he could hurt me, which of course he did, much later. It was simply that none of it happened the way I thought. The way I wanted.

What do you think? Would you keep reading?

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