Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wednesday Writing: My Next Romance

I'm writing a Harlequin Presents right now, which is always a fun break from the more realistic stories I write for other publishers. Harlequin Presents are pure fantasy grounded in real emotion, and I love being able to explore heightened situations plus a whole lot of glamour!

My current Presents is a sheikh romance with a twist--a case of mistaken identity when it comes to the bride. I know some people get worked up about the lack of realism in sheikh romances, especially considering the state of the Middle East today, and in particular women's rights in the Middle East, and I always try to be conscious of that in my sheikh romances, while preserving the kind of fantasy that women relate to, starting back with Rudy Valentino in The Sheik. Here are the opening paragraphs of my current romance:

He came in through the window. Olivia Taylor looked up from the blanket she’d been folding, her mouth dropping open in wordless shock. She was too surprised to be scared. Yet. He was dressed all in black, his body underneath the loose garments tall, lithe, and powerful. A turban covered his hair but beneath it Olivia saw his face, and the determination blazing on those rough-hewn features.
     Her mind buzzed and she drew a breath to scream when he moved swiftly towards her and clapped a hand over her mouth. ‘I won’t hurt you,’ he said in Arabic, his tone brusque and yet also strangely gentle. It took her a moment to make out the words; she’d learned some Arabic living in the Amari household, but not that much. She’d been hired to speak English to the three youngest princesses.

He continued speaking, and her shocked mind struggled to make out the words. ‘That is my solemn vow, and I will never break it. Just do what I say and no harm shall ever come to you, I swear it on my life.’

And in the meantime, you can enjoy one of my sheikh romances that is already out--a duet called Seduced By A Sheikh. You can buy them here.

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