Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tuesday Treasure: Gillian Bradshaw

I have only a few go-to authors, the auto-buy, read-when-I'm--in-a-funk type authors, and Gillian Bradshaw is at the very top of that list. She writes mainly historical novels set in the ancient Roman world, although she has also done a duet set in the English Civil War, as well as a series about King Arthur. She's also written a few books set in the Byzantine period. She hasn't written anything in a few years, which is sad, but her books are worth reading more than once, and I've read my favourites several times. Her novels are, for me, the perfect mix of historical research, interesting characters, intriguing conflict, and with a little romance thrown in.

If you're new to Gillian Bradshaw, I recommend Render unto Caesar, which is about a Greek collecting a debt from a Roman and is a kind of thriller; The Sand Reckoner, which is about the mathematician Archimedes and has a little romance; or, for something a little different, The Bearkeeper's Daughter, which is about the Empress Theodora in a Byzantine-era Constantinople.

Some of her books are on Kindle, but others are, unfortunately, only available through used book sellers. Still, they are well worth hunting down!

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