Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thursday Throwback: Far Horizons

I'm going way back for today's post, to a historical novel I wrote many years ago, as a serial for The People's Friend. I have a great affection for the magazine, because it gave me my start in published writing, when, in 1999, it published my first short story, entitled Dreams to Share. 

Since then I've published hundreds of short stories and serials for magazines in England, Australia, South Africa, and the US, nearly fifty romances for Harlequin/Mills&Boon, and nearly twenty novels of women's fiction for other publishers. And it all started with that one story!

Far Horizons is a historical novel based on my ancestors, Allan and Harriet MacDougall. They were separated for seven years when Allan's family emigrated to Canada from the Highlands of Scotland. He promised he'd come back for her, but released her so she was free to marry another if she chose.

Far Horizons is my fictionalized version of what happened during those years--some events are pure fiction, but a lot of is true, including the excerpts of letters Allan wrote Harriet, which have been passed down through my family. It started as a serial, was published by Robert Hale in hardcover, and then revised as an ebook when I got the digital rights back. It's had many covers. Which one do you like best?

Far Horizons is the first of a trilogy. Another Country and A Distant Shore are the following two books, which continue the story of the MacDougalls and Campbells. You can learn more and buy the books here.

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