Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Photo: Rainy Walk

It rains a lot in the UK. Everyone pretty much knows that. When I first moved back to the US after six years in the UK, I was amazed at how sunny it was. And I moved to Connecticut, not California! Every sunny morning felt like a not-so-small miracle. The long, hot summers were wonderful, and then they were not so wonderful, but I still appreciated things that the UK rarely has--outdoor pools, screen doors, sprinklers in backyards, kids spending most of the day in their swimsuits with drippy popsicles. Now, I know, on occasion, the UK experiences a heatwave and it's wonderful. Admittedly, a heatwave can be anything above 70 degree F. More than once, when I lived in the Lake District, someone would tell me it was 'red hot'. I checked the temp and it was something like sixty degrees, which in America in summer would be seen as a cold snap.

I admit, the weather here gets me down sometimes. I struggle. I compare it with weather in other places I've lived on my phone, and usually it comes out worse. When it doesn't, it feels like a small victory, which is petty, I know.

But anyway, we've had a spell of nice, warm, sunny weather here--and by spell I mean about four days. And I started, amazingly, to take the warm, dry weather for granted. And then it rained, and I was surprised. Surprised. How?  I have a short memory, I guess. But when I took the dog for a walk, and the air was damp and verdant, I actually enjoyed the wet. A little bit. And here is a picture I took:

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